Press release – Dashboard Accuracy Data Guidance

The PASA Data Working Group (DataWG) today published Guidance on dashboards data accuracy.
Following on from The Pension Regulator’s recent campaign reminding trustees their dashboards deadline
is approaching, it’s vital pension schemes review and take the necessary action to ensure the key matching
data isn’t only present but accurate. Accuracy testing and validation is a step further than typical pension
scheme data reviews, and this Guidance helps schemes to navigate this.

Kristy Cotton, Chair of the PASA Data Working Group, commented: “As the dashboards launch dates creep
ever closer, trustees need to be able to accurately confirm their saver’s data is a match to dashboards’
requests, making it vital the data held is accurate and has been validated.

This Guidance provides a list of the various data sources available to accurately confirm if a pension member
is alive or deceased, an address, date of birth, name, NINO. As a minimum, pension schemes should consider
ensuring name, date of birth and NINO aren’t only present, but also accurate to ensure the correct data is
available to be searched by a dashboard enquiry.”

The ‘PASA Dashboards Data Accuracy Guidance’ can be found here.

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