Master Trust Working Group (MTWG)


The Purpose of the PASA MTWG is to identify, develop and recommend a set of effective industry standards and guidance to support Master Trusts.

Terms of Reference

Master Trust Working Group Terms of Reference – May 2021



June 2024 – PASA Master Trust Guidance

September 2023 – DWP Consultation response: ‘Ending the proliferation of deferred small pots’

January 2023 – PASA MTWG Pensions Dashboards Guidance

November 2019 – PASA Master Trust Transition Guidance








Dave Pharo (Board Sponsor)

David Porter (Chair)

Helen Ball

Gary Graham

Ferdy Lovett

Sharon Cairney

Anish Rav

Glen Bown

Emma Lynch

Danny Meehan

Michael Ambery

Gareth Norcott (Observer)