Consultation Responses

September 2021

DWP Consultation response – Stronger Nudge to guidance

August 2021

DWP Consultation: The Occupational Pension Schemes (Collective Money Purchase Schemes) Regulations 2021 – PASA response

July 2021

DWP Consultation – Future of the defined contribution pension market: the case for greater consolidation – PASA response

TPR/FCA Call for Input – Pensions Consumer Journey – PASA response

DWP Consultation – Permitted charges within Defined Contribution pension schemes – PASA response

June 2021

The stronger nudge to pensions guidance – FCA Consultation CP21/11

May 2021

TPR Consultation – Combined Code of Practice May 21 – PASA response

August 2020

Pensions Dashboard Programme Data Standards Call for Input – August 2020



Charge Cap Review – PASA August 2020 FINAL

December 2019

DWP Consultation on Simpler Annual Benefit statements – PASA response

January 2019

Pensions Dashboards Consultation – PASA response