PASA Expert Partner programme

The PASA Expert Partner programme was developed to support PASA with specialists to develop standards, guidelines and technical support in their dedicated areas. Decisions on selection of expert partners are made by the PASA Board and both their suitability and relevance are reviewed annually.

Our current expert partners are:

We are currently looking for the following Expert Partners:

  • eAdministration
  • DC Administration
  • Resourcing and Training
  • Payment processing
  • End Game

Our Expert Partners tend to lead a relevant Working Group, often as Chair. They have to commit to creating four thought pieces a year. This could be as straightforward as an opinion piece, or as complex as a new PASA Standard. These are normally created in conjunction with the entire Working Group, to ensure breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as a thorough peer review process. PASA Guidance, Standards, Accreditation and Codes are highly respected within the industry, by the Regulator and government. As such, though there is a commercial underpinning to this relationship, there is a strong governance process providing oversight into both selection of the partner and intellectual output.

Please contact, if you are interested in becoming a PASA Expert Partner.

Please contact Girish Menezes, Board Director responsible for Expert Partner governance, with any questions or concerns about the programme: