PASA Expert Partner programme

The PASA Expert Partner programme was developed to support PASA with specialists to develop standards, guidelines and technical support in their dedicated areas. Decisions on selection of expert partners are made by the PASA Board and both their suitability and relevance are reviewed annually.

Our current expert partners are:



Isio is a leading independent UK consultancy, providing diverse expertise spanning Pensions, Investment, Benefits and Wealth giving clients an integrated experience. With a unique mix of trustee and corporate clients, Isio are grounded around a vision which strives to deliver greater financial confidence for everyone.

Kristy Cotton, Director and Actuary at Isio, chairs the Data Working Group at PASA, with an objective of improving data and operational quality of pensions administration services in the UK, supporting trustees, pension managers and providers in meeting their duties and driving better outcomes for pension savers.




ITM are independent data consultants, solving complex data problems for the pensions and insurance industry using technology and expertise. As a result, clients save money, reduce risk, and give their customers a better experience.


Cybercrime & Fraud

Solving cybersecurity challenges can be a complex puzzle and dealing with one area of concern often unearths several new problems.

It can be tough to know how much energy and financial investment you should devote to cybersecurity, but you don’t have to face these challenges alone. Crowe has the industry-specific knowledge to identify what threats are most harmful to your business – because we see this a lot.


Identity Management

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions delivers pioneering traceexistenceidentity management and compliance solutions tailored to the life and pensions industry. We deliver market leading products to third party administrators, leading independent pension schemes and life assurance plans that help prevent fraud, verify identity and remain compliant with the Pension Regulator’s record-keeping guidance.


Engagement & Communication

Gallagher are a global leader in creating better outcomes through employee benefit communication, internal communication and employee engagement.


Digital Admin

Heywood’s job is to help pension providers, with a range of powerful pension solutions, driven by data and powered by the latest tech innovations. Heywood’s experts provide the tools and the know-how to put these into play for you, bringing a wealth of data and information to the table. They support you and your members to make better decisions for a secure financial future.

Heywood were been named ‘Pension Technology Firm of the Year 2023’ at two separate industry awards.

New Partners

We are currently looking for the following Expert Partners:

  • DC administration
  • Resourcing and Training
  • Master Trusts
  • CDC
  • End Game
  • Transfers
  • Consumer Duty

Our Expert Partners tend to lead a relevant Working Group, often as Chair. They have to commit to creating four thought pieces a year. This could be as straightforward as an opinion piece, or as complex as a new PASA Standard. These are normally created in conjunction with the entire Working Group, to ensure breadth and depth of knowledge, as well as a thorough peer review process. PASA Guidance, Standards, Accreditation and Codes are highly respected within the industry, by the Regulator and government. As such, though there’s a commercial underpinning to this relationship, and there’s a strong governance process providing oversight into both selection of the partner and intellectual output.

Please contact, if you’re interested in becoming a PASA Expert Partner or have any questions or concerns about the programme.