Cybercrime and Fraud (CFWG)

The PASA Cybercrime and Fraud Working Group will seek to help administrators protect themselves as well possible against the threats from cybercrime and fraud. To this end the Group will:

  • Prepare guidance
  • Draft text for potential standards
  • Foster improved communication between administrators
  • Raise awareness
  • Undertake other activity as necessary
May 2022

PASA Cybercrime Protection checklist May 2022

April 2022

PASA Pre Employment Vetting Guidance

July 2021

PASA Counter Fraud Guidance July 2021

April 2021

Pensions Administration and Cybercrime article

February 2021

Working Group Update

November 2020

PASA Cybercrime Guidance November 2020

May 2020

Working Group Update

March 2020

Working Group Update


Paul Sturgess (Board sponsor)

Tim Robinson (Chair)

Gillian Baker

Andy Cassin

Michael Walters

Adrian Marchant

Dominic Fielding