Industry Policy Committee

What we do

The Industry Policy Committee provides an authoritative industry view on best practice administration, so we can respond to consultations and communicate to PASA members and other pensions administrators. Themes for consideration by the committee are triggered by current operational issues and those expected from known or anticipated future changes to pensions. Our main activities are:

  • Keeping abreast of all statutory and regulatory changes affecting pension arrangements in the UK
  • Supporting PASA spokespeople when responding to media enquiries or preparing presentations
  • Responding to consultations on changes to pensions which have an operational impact for administrators
  • Providing commentary on issues which could impact pensions administration

Our principle achievements

  • We responded to the Treasury’s consultation on the 2014 Freedom of Choice proposals
  • We responded to The Pension Regulator’s consultation on DB to DC transfers
  • We helped produce the industry Code of Conduct for Liberation Scams
  • We led the industry best practice group for GMP Reconciliation
  • We contributed to conferences and a number of press related opportunities
  • Set up and lead the Pensions Dashboard Working Group



  • Louise Sivyer (TPR)