About Accreditation

What is PASA Accreditation?

PASA Accreditation is an independent assessment of compliance with the PASA Standards. The assessment requires applicants to:

  • Submit evidence of operational compliance with the PASA Standards; and
  • Complete an on-site review by an independent assessor, to validate the evidence provided for each site that services are provided from.

To learn more about PASA Accreditation you can watch the PASA Accreditation webinar recording here or read the FAQs below.


How long does PASA Accreditation take?

The accreditation journey typically takes around three months – from initial meeting to final adjudication on whether your application has been successful.

How long is PASA Accreditation valid for?

PASA Accreditation is valid for three years from the date that it is awarded.

What is being accredited?

PASA Accreditation looks at output-driven standards – focussing on the experiences of members and trustees and how they will progressively and continually improve over time.

Who can apply for accreditation?

All PASA corporate members are eligible to apply for PASA Accreditation.
For more information contact info@pasa-uk.com.

What if we’re not quite ready to undertake the full evaluations?

Maybe you’re at the start of your journey to improve your administration organisation or don’t feel ready to undertake the full evaluations. If so, you may apply to complete an interim accreditation.  To achieve interim accreditation you will need to demonstrate a material and public commitment to implementing a programme of work, which will get your organisation ready to apply for full PASA Accreditation within an 18-month period.