Topics & upcoming


These are the broad topics under which we have issued, or are planning to issue, guidance. Please see below for timescales for imminent upcoming guidance.

  • Governance
    • Interaction with Trustees
    • Management of costs
    • Contractual issues
  • Data and matching
    • Understanding and meeting the PDP Data Standards
    • Matching criteria
    • Preparing schemes for connection to the dashboards ecosystem
  • Pension values
    • Process for calculating and updating pension values
    • Handling benefit complexities
    • Treatment of split administration and AVCs
  • Administrative issues
    • Impact of dashboards on administration processes
    • Members’ dashboards expectations and experiences
    • Implications for administration post-dashboards
  • Communications
    • What to say to savers
Upcoming Guidance and Consultation responses

Our current published guidance can be found here. Our imminent upcoming guidance is:

If you have a particular area that you would like us to consider or prioritise for the creation of new guidance please contact the PDWG.