Pensions Dashboards (PDWG)


In our ever changing pension landscape, the introduction of the Pensions Dashboard is at the heart of the strategy to increase engagement with pensions and to put scheme members in the position where they can easily identify all their pension benefits and plan their income for retirement.

For the dashboard to be successful however, not only do we need technology solutions but also for administrators to work with dashboard providers to make data available and for that data to be of good quality.

At PASA we recognise the importance of the role that third party administrators, software suppliers and in house schemes have in the delivery of the pensions dashboard and believe we are uniquely placed to provide help, input and thought leadership to this initiative especially in relation to defined benefit schemes.

The PDWG was established to work with the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) and other stakeholders as they develop the Dashboard solution.

The PDWG focused initially on the data required for the Pensions Dashboard in respect of both identifying the member and the data that is then visible to them. This led to the set up of separate Data Working Group and Data Guidance.

The breadth and depth of PASA membership, knowledge and expertise means that we believe we are well placed to provide support to MaPS in relation to the administrative requirements in relation to the introduction of dashboard.

The objective of the Pensions Dashboard Working Group is to provide support and input to MaPS on the following aspects of the implementation of the Pensions Dashboard:

1.    Data including:
  • Minimum requirements to access the Dashboard
  • Optimal criteria
  • False positives and false negatives
  • Minimum data requirements for dashboard
  • Legacy data issues
  • Interaction with the Pension Regulator’s existing record keeping standards
  • Preparatory data work
2.    Benefit projections (valuations)
  • Data requirements
  • Consistency of language
3.    Administrative issues
  • Interaction with existing provider web offerings
  • Untraceable members
  • Existing contract terms
4.    Governance
  • Interaction with Trustees
  • Management  of costs
  • Administrator best practice



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August 22 PASA DMC Guidance updated

August 2022 Dashboards Pensions Values Guidance

July 2022 DWP Consultation – Pensions dashboards: further consultation

April 2022 FCA Consultation – Pensions dashboards: proposed rules for pension providers CP22/3***

March 2022 DWP consultation on draft Pensions Dashboards Regulations 2022

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Kim Gubler (Board Sponsor)

Maurice Titley (Co-chair)

Andrew Lowe (C0-chair)

Chris Connelly

Richard Smith

Geraldine Brassett

Phillip Cork

Karl Lidgley

Emma Alwyn

Simon Rawson

David Rich

Rory Tucker

Gary Millar

Climate Mupfiga

Nick Green

Keith Everett

John Dale

Angela Bell (TPR Observer)