Exit Agreements Working Group (EAWG)


The PASA Exit Agreement Working Group will identify, develop and recommend an industry standard with regards to an Exit Agreement to be used in trust-based pensions administration contracts.

All corporate PASA members sign up to our Code of Conduct on Administration Provider Transfers. The Code was developed further to introduce a Dispute Resolution Service in 2018. All corporate PASA members may use the service for free as either the ceding or receiving administrator. PASA is usually invited to become involved in cases of excessive fees or delays in the transfer of administration from one firm to another, which could often be avoided by a well-drafted and previously agreed Exit Agreement.

The Exit Agreement which will be produced is not intended to be mandatory, but to provide an optional template and trustee guidance on elements which should be considered.


September 22 – PASA Exit Agreement Guidance


Robert Wakefield (Chair)

Kim Gubler (Board Sponsor)

Julie Walker (Secretary)

John Owen

Sue Tye

Michelle Esterkin