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The purpose of the DigWG is to create clear guidance on ‘what good looks like’ in terms of eAdmin for savers, trustees and administrators.


The key focus of the DigWG is to develop best practice on how technology can be adopted to improve the end-user experience.  Digital admin depends on good quality data and quality communications, the DigWG will work alongside other PASA Working Groups to ensure complementary output.


The DigWG will produce:

  • Content Concept Storyboard – Transforming Pensions Administration: The Journey Towards Digitalisation – September 2023
  • Research and report – Explore and understand the current state of digitalisation in the pension industry by conducting a comprehensive survey of pension managers. The study seeks to shed light on the extent to which pension managers have embraced digital technologies, the challenges they encounter in the digitalisation process, and the potential benefits they expect to gain. October 2023

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  • Video/ webinar exploring the critical role of cultural change in driving and sustaining digital adoption within the pension industry. It shall identify the key challenges hindering digital adoption, including resistance to change, risk aversion, and lack of digital literacy among pension industry stakeholders. Drawing from industry experts and thought leaders, it presents a roadmap for encouraging cultural change to embrace digitalisation. It emphasises the importance of leadership commitment and clear communication to build a shared vision of a digitally-enabled future. February 2024


  • Whitepaper – Through insightful case studies, we spotlight instances where pension schemes possess automated calculation functionalities yet do not maximise their utility. By investigating these scenarios, our whitepaper aims to shed light on potential barriers, whether they be technological, organisational, or operational. Furthermore, we explore strategies to overcome these challenges and facilitate a smoother transition towards optimising existing automated tools.The whitepaper aims to inspire pension scheme administrators, policymakers, and stakeholders to recognize the value of embracing digitalisation. By harnessing the power of automated calculations and leveraging digital tools effectively, pension schemes can unlock efficiency gains, reduce costs, and provide participants with a seamless and rewarding experience. February 2024



December 2023 – PASA Jargon Buster updated December 2023

October 2023 – Transforming Pensions Administration – The journey towards digitalisation White paper

September 2023 – Digital Admin story board

March 2023 – PASA Engagement Strategy Guidance

February 2023 – Focusing on a Saver Centric Experience

September 2021 – Jargon Buster

July 2021 – e-Admin – Journey to People and Technology Working Together

May 2021 – Working group update and future plans

January 2020 – Spanner in the works – UK pension scheme automation derailed by poor data

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Sian Jones (Chair)

David Welsh

Kim Toker

Stephen Blakesley

Neil Middleton

Graeme Riddoch

You Yu (TPR Observer)

Russell Whitmore

Banafsheh Ghaffori

Sam Barton

Liam McGrath

Chris Tagg (Board sponsor)