An update from the Digital Admin Working Group – June 2024

PASA releases Digital Admin whitepaper

PASA today published a whitepaper on digital administration asking ‘where are we in 2024?’

Sian Jones, Chair of the PASA Digital Admin working group, commented: “In late 2023, PASA conducted a survey and industry interviews to understand attitudes and progress towards digital administration – what may have improved and what challenges administrators still face today. This research showed the penetration of digital admin is patchy and processes used to improve data vary wildly across the industry. Digital processes are largely standalone, with low levels of automation.

While most schemes consider digital records to be very important, the level to which they’re prepared to implement them varies across the industry. Most schemes appear to be on the road to being compliant with the UK’s dashboards’ data requirements, and the new guidance on connection dates should allow time for schemes to catch up.”

Kim Gubler, PASA Chair, said: “Ultimately, there’s a mismatch between what some schemes say is important and what they’re actually doing. Regulatory compliance trumps all other functions, including improvement of digital admin which would make compliance easier, cheaper and more meaningful. This is an anomaly the industry needs to address.

Cost is still perceived as the greatest obstacle to improving data, but cost is only one aspect of what’s really a cultural problem. The industry has spent decades driving down the price of admin in the name of efficiency. There’s little understanding about how spending money now, or on an ongoing basis will both reduce costs and improve engagement in the long term.

This whitepaper explores where we are in 2024, how we got here and where we should go next in terms of automation and transformation of digital admin into the future.”

The whitepaper ‘Digital Admin: Where are we in 2024’ can be found here.

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