PRESS RELEASE – PASA announces Gallagher as Expert Partner for Engagement & Communications


The Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA), the independent body dedicated to driving up standards in pensions administration, today announced Gallagher as their Expert Partner for Engagement & Communications.

PASA Chair, Kim Gubler, commented: “Saver-centric pensions administration is only possible with good quality engagement and communication strategies. Gallagher is perfectly placed to lead the PASA working group in creating clear Guidance and content on:

  • the role of the administrator in supporting effective engagement and communication
  • the development of the saver journey
  • the messaging needed around legislative, regulatory or process transformation
  • addressing how those involved in pension administration can practically raise societal engagement with pension savings, complementing the efforts of related pension industry initiatives”


Karen Bolan, Director of Retirement Communications at Gallagher, will chair the working group: “Gallagher is pleased to join PASA as their Engagement and Communications Expert Partner. We’re looking forward to creating thought leadership content for employers, trustees and administrators to support in motivating, inspiring and retaining pension savers.

Gallagher and PASA share a common purpose in our desire to improve saver outcomes, and we believe supporting understanding and decision making is the key to growing confidence and engagement. Gallagher offers award-winning pension communications which remove complex terminology and help savers to understand their options and empower decision making and we’re excited to share this expertise in helping to create clear industry guidance and content, on ‘what good looks like’.”

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