‘Rip it Up and Start Again’ – PASA Annual Conference 2022 – 3rd May 2022


PASA’s 4th Annual Conference is back on 3rd May 2022.

Following a year without a conference due to Covid-19, we return to find pensions administration has emerged into the limelight with a deluge of consultations and discussion papers in 2021, all focused around key hot topics. We could quite easily have filled another day of discussions this year looking at those areas alone.

In responding to consultations on behalf of the pensions administration industry, one of our main priorities is to always ensure the specific challenges and historic obstacles to administrators are made clear before any policy decisions are made. It would be a lot more exciting to think about how things could be if those challenges were removed, and so we thought for the one day of the year where we celebrate pensions administration, let’s do that!

All of our speakers today have been asked to consider what their topic would look like if we really could ‘rip it up and start again’. Of course, in reality this is not possible and so the speakers will also consider the next best thing – where the rays of sunshine are coming from. What are the new ideas both within our own community and in the wider world which can help us improve our processes and the member experience?

Also on the agenda are Dashboards and Sidecars – topics where we really are just starting out and have the opportunity to build from scratch. What have we learned and how can we keep these new services free from the mistakes of the past?