PASA 10 year anniversary competition

Adult section

“The Pensions Dashboard will be ground breaking for the pensions industry, and as such I believe it deserves recognition as a true ‘blockbuster’!”

Mike Fahy, Hymans Robertson LLP


“My picture is of half a younger person who doesn’t worry about their pension. And then the other half is them as an old person. This is to reflect that people automatically get old and that automatic enrolment is therefore a good idea.”

Julia Pardoe, Broadstone


PASA is set up.

Helen Butters, First Actuarial.


Claire Fuller, First Actuarial


“I’ve put in all 10 of the PASA ‘moments’ or topics. Some are more hidden than others. See if you can spot all of them!”

Joe Craig, Quietroom


Inspired by this article in Professional Pensions earlier in March 2021:

Richard Smith’s son Adam (18), who’s doing Graphics A Level has told a familiar tale, of course on the topic of dashboards. Adam is no stranger to pensions creativity as he also also edits Richard’s dashboards videos.


GMP Equalisation

Lorraine Porter, LCP


GMP Equalisation

“The court house represents the Lloyds court case, the scales show the GMP being equalised with the applicable GMP ages above each genders scale and, lady justice and the sword shows how justice is being served and how equality is being equalised. Hope you like it, its acrylic on canvas.”


Transfers & Scams

Thomas Cooper, Willis Towers Watson


“Variations inspired by the GMPe Cross-over case” 

LCP GMP Equalisation team (plus friends and family).


Under 18’s section


Louis Davidson, age 11.

Transfers and Scams

Lydia Butters, age 4.


“Aiden has drawn himself and his Nana at the seaside. His Nana has bought him an ice cream as she doesn’t need to worry about the price of treating her grandson thanks to automatic enrolment.”

Aiden Stoyles, age 6.


Frankie Abbotts, age 13, has knitted a bear caught in the act of stealing pensions.



Mair Norman, age 13



Check out Caitlin’s multimedia entry here. Screenshot of the homemade PASA computer above.

Caitlin Norman



Scams – check out Arlo’s stop-motion animation here. Screen shot above.

Arlo Carr, age 9.