Becky Jaques

Becky currently works as a client account manager on a variety of defined benefit schemes. She has experience working on CARE and cash balance schemes, including a scheme which entered the PPF assessment period.

Becky is accountable for managing the day to day administration of these schemes, attending trustee meetings and acting as secretary to the trustees. She has a range of experience within Trustee governance services from managing client meetings to preparing risk registers. Becky has also managed a number of administration projects for her clients, including trivial commutation exercises and GMP reconciliation/rectification projects.

Becky’s passion is ensuring people are properly trained and supported to enable them to meet their career aspirations. She is a study mentor for the Leeds office and is responsible for providing support, advice and encouragement to those students who are studying for the Advanced Diploma. She is also responsible for supporting apprentices within the Leeds office.

Becky has been involved with developing and delivering training for the firm from both a technical and soft-skills perspective. Recent examples include trivial commutation and “Working with Pride” which focuses on individuals going beyond what is expected of them. On a local level she has provided training in relation to the preparation of administration reports and workflow management.