Andrew Riley

Andrew has specialised in internal controls reporting and audit since 1994 and has a Big Four firm audit background.  He has developed AAF 01/06, AAF 01/06 assurance with the ISAE International Standards of Assurance Engagements 3000 and 3402 and co-authored the ICAEW’s 70-page guidance on ISAE assurance – The Assurance Sourcebook and its updates.  As a member of the ICAEW Assurance Panel since 2006 that reviews all assurance technical releases and ICAEW/TPR and PRAG working parties, Andrew has specialised in master trusts and written articles for Professional Pensions, Pensions Age, FT Financial Adviser, and PMI magazine).

Andrew is a qualified APMI, DRRA, ICAEW Chartered Accountant and PMI DC governance certificate holder, and recently sat for his Award in Pension Trusteeship (APT).  Andrew is a member of PMI London and has a keen interest in innovation and best use of technology to make things easier and better.