PASA Pensions Dashboards working group release updated DMC Guidance

The PASA Pensions Dashboards Working Group (PDWG) today published an updated version of its
Dashboards Data Matching Conventions (DMC) Guidance. The Guidance was originally issued in December
2021, and has been updated to include a call to action, detail the next steps being worked on and provide
links to other industry guidance.

Kim Gubler, PASA Chair, commented: “All schemes need to focus on this important topic of data matching
now. PASA produced this Guidance and continues to update it to support the pensions administration
community in liaising with schemes and working with them to produce solutions which work for all parties.”

Rob Dodson, Co-Chair of the PASA Pensions Dashboards Working Group, commented: “We’ve further
strengthened the DMC Guidance to add further chapters (10 and 11) detailing the reasons for the pressing
need to engage with this subject, what we are working on next and why this is needed. These areas include:
• Personal identifiers – impact of verified vs self-asserted
• Options for matching without NINO
• Possible matching
• Considerations for split-Administration scenarios
• Reference to other industry guidance “

The updated PASA Dashboards DMC Guidance can be found here.



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