Press release – PASA releases Cybercrime Protection checklist

The PASA Cybercrime & Fraud Working Group (CFWG) today published a Cybercrime Protection checklist, aimed at helping administrators in the fight against cyber-attacks.

The working group previously issued Guidance in November 2020, detailing information on cybercrime, how it‘s evolved over time and the protection measures which can be taken. This Checklist builds further by providing examples of steps administrators can take to assess their defences against cybercrime.

Jim Gee, Chair of the PASA Cybercrime & Fraud Working Group, commented: “We have further strengthened the suite of Cybercrime information available at PASA with examples of how to increase resilience to:

  • Meet legal & regulatory standards
  • Understand your organisation’s vulnerability
  • Ensure your organisation is resilient
  • Remain able to fulfil key functions

The digital criminal world is fast-moving, and unfortunately even following all the steps on the checklist may not prevent a successful cyber-attack. We encourage each administrator to review their own vulnerabilities and add further steps which are relevant to their own environment.

The ‘Cybercrime Protection Checklist’ can be found here.

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