PASA releases two new pieces of Dashboards Guidance

PASA today published two new pieces of Guidance to support the industry in preparing to deliver pensions

• What administrators, providers and service centres should say to savers who enquire about
dashboards before they become universally acceptable
• An important addition to the PASA Data Matching Convention (DMC) Guidance last updated in
August 2022

Kim Gubler, PASA Chair, commented: “PASA has been at the forefront of preparing the industry,
particularly administrators, in readiness for dashboards. There’s been an increase in general media
coverage of dashboards recently and our members have reported an uptick in enquiries from savers.

This Guidance contains reactive wording which administrators, providers and service centres can use to
respond to people’s questions. The wording is not mandatory, but it’ll be helpful to savers for the industry
to give consistent responses to their dashboards enquiries.”

Maurice Titley, Co-Chair of the PASA Dashboards working group, commented: “We’re also releasing an
important addition to PASA’s DMC Guidance today. The DMC Guidance was originally published in
December 2021 and updated again in August 2022. This addendum covers two areas where additional core
guidance was required:

• Guidance on matching without a National Insurance Number
• Guidance on Possible Match responses

Further advice on matching in ‘Split Administration’ scenarios will be published as part of our upcoming Values Guidance, and a further update on the impact of whether personal identifiers are verified or self-asserted will follow later in the year.

Both pieces of Guidance released today have been shared with the Pensions Dashboards Programme, and
we’re looking forward to sharing an interview between myself and Chris Curry discussing the details of the
Data Matching Guidance in the next few weeks.”

The new PASA Guidance can be found here.

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