PASA releases Guidance on creating an eAdmin engagement strategy

PASA today published Guidance to support schemes in developing a modern engagement strategy as part of a successful digital programme.

Banafsheh Ghafoori, member of the PASA eAdministration Working Group and who led the work on this Guidance, commented: “Engagement strategy plays an important part in a successful digital programme, especially in our industry where engagement is low.

We cover the six areas which should be considered within any strategy, detailing the minimum expected standard and suggested improvements to elevate these considerations to the optimum level. This approach is suitable for all scheme types and sizes and allows all schemes to progress on their journey from varying starting points. The six areas are:

  1. Creating an emotional connection
  2. Creativity
  3. Relevant and current
  4. Inclusive & accessible
  5. Make it easy
  6. Continuing to measure and learn”


Kim Toker, Chair of the PASA eAdministration working group, commented: “Striving for a successful digital engagement strategy will ensure a better saver experience which is personalised to their needs.

Behavioural science, combined with AI and technology can be a powerful tool for increasing engagement and schemes need to ensure they capture the required information to utilise these tools.”


The new PASA Guidance can be found here.


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