Press release – PASA releases ‘initial observations on CDC developments’ paper

PASA today published a paper ‘Initial observations on CDC developments’ which highlights recent policy and regulatory references to CDC arrangements, indicates where things may be heading next and the likely impact on administration.

Kim Gubler, PASA Chair, commented: “We know it’s early days, but any future CDC model will need to ensure administration considerations are fully considered at the design stage. This will be critical in delivering value for money for pension savers. With this in mind, the paper sets out some initial considerations in the context of current knowledge.”

Helen Ball, Chair of the PASA CDC Working Group, added: “We expect to see draft regulations for multi-employer CDC arrangements in 2024. These will hopefully shed more light on how the government intends to develop CDC schemes. It would be helpful to have cross-party consensus on this to ensure the industry can have the confidence to commit to moving this forward. Once the headline points have been fine-tuned we can focus on how these arrangements should be administered. PASA is keen to speak to other groups and organisations to assist with their work as those discussions progress.”

The new PASA paper ‘Initial observations on CDC developments’, can be found here.


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