Press Release – PASA announces Origo as Expert Partner for Dashboard and Transfers

PASA today announced that leading FinTech company Origo will be their new expert partner for dashboard and transfers.

Kim Gubler, PASA Chair said: “Member output has always been core to our ethos at PASA, and we’ve always believed dashboard is the industry’s opportunity to guide members towards better understanding. By collating all their benefits in one place it’s a huge leap forward in communication and the perfect vehicle to help people plan for a better retirement.  As a FinTech company, Origo has been deeply involved in dashboards’ development through concept and prototype.  This experience will be key in supporting our Dashboards Working Group guide industry stakeholders on how the dashboards ecosystem will affect them.

We have been focusing on improving the way transfers are processed by the industry, as is evidenced by our current consultation on DB transfers.  Origo’s experience of speeding up transfers in both the contract and trust based space will be crucial in building on this, as well as enabling us to turn the light on DC transfers.”

Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director, Origo, commented: “We’re pleased to see that the Department for Work and Pensions’ (DWP) candidate architecture for the Pensions Dashboards, in particular the Pension Finder Service, is to be taken forward by MaPs.

We’re also supportive of the approach taken to the data standards, focusing on find and view functionality – an approach consistent with annual benefit statement data and as such will enable greater engagement from providers.

As well as dashboards, we’re heavily involved in transfers. Our transfer service, in successful operation for 11 years now, has processed over £230bn of pensions while consistently keeping transfers safe and transfer times down to c. 11 calendar days. We hope through our partnership with PASA we can work with their members to help achieve greater efficiency and transparency in the transfer process.

We look forward to working with PASA as their expert partner for Pensions Dashboards and Transfers.”


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