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Get involved and make a difference today!

PASA is calling for individuals and organisations to get involved and join us in our aim of raising pension administration standards. If you are looking for a new challenge or would simply like to get more involved in PASA and make new contacts and friends then this could be just the opportunity you’re looking for.

PASA is a not for profit organisation, supported by volunteers who have a passion for improving services for the benefit of scheme members, scheme sponsors and those charged with the oversight of pension arrangements. We could not continue to raise the bar and have the impact we have had without this support; both financial and the time committed to undertaking work on behalf of PASA on a voluntary basis. We are always looking for more support, more members and more people to be involved on our committees and working groups who bring their thoughts and time. This support enables PASA to do more, get better and continue our efforts to make a difference.

We have been blessed with members and volunteers who share our passion to make a difference and to adopt standards which make for better outcomes for the members of pension schemes. We have raised the voice of the pensions administration industry so it is now heard and listened to in Government, Government departments and our industry regulators. This includes our work with The Pensions Regulator to achieve a position where their guidance encourages trustees to establish whether their administrator has obtained independent voluntary accreditation, such as the accreditation standard offered by PASA.

We have big ambitions for the future, including developing sponsorship links to help fund our activities; growing our membership; supporting more members in achieving accreditation; responding on Government consultations; initiating thought leadership pieces though our policy and strategy committee; and continuing our lobbying efforts within the industry and though our PR and marketing activity.

PASA has regular opportunities for volunteering and sponsorship in various guises, both as an individual and as an organisation. Whatever your skills and abilities, there is something for everyone. We hope you will explore the different ways in which you can get involved further, whether you are currently a member or not (though we hope you will soon want to be!).

PASA Experts

PASA are inviting subject matter experts in areas relevant to the pensions administration industry to consider partnering with us in a knowledge alliance as PASA Experts. The role of PASA Experts is to:

  • Provide research/articles/comment/guidance/material relating to their area of expertise to PASA on an agreed regular basis. This content may be released as public information and guidance, or used as premium member content
  • To provide an exchange of knowledge with PASA’s Industry Policy Committee on developments within the agreed area of expertise

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Committee members

Our Committees are the delivery engine of PASA and committee members are responsible for fulfilling their objectives and being the public face of PASA in their area of expertise. Individuals are encouraged to be pro-active and make as much of their role as they can to elevate the work of each committee and achieve greater prominence in the marketplace. Being a PASA committee member is a great opportunity to really make a difference to pension administration standards and to be recognised and respected in the industry for the work you do.

PASA currently has five committees, each made up of volunteer PASA members. The committees are Standards, Accreditation, Industry Policy, Membership & Funding and PR.

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Working Group members

PASA Working Groups focus on ‘hot topics’ such as Value for Money and Pensions Dashboards, from an administration perspective. The groups draft Guidance, host webinars and other content to support the industry in implementing and administering policies and initiatives.

Become a member

Demonstrate the importance you place on high quality pension administration by joining PASA as a corporate or individual member.

PASA membership is not restricted to organisations providing pension administration services. Our members are drawn from a wide range of individuals and businesses who share a desire to raise the bar on pension administration standards. Find out more.

Get involved today – your voice really can make a difference!