“Barnett Waddingham are longstanding corporate members of PASA.  As an organisation, we provide volunteers to working groups and committees and get great benefit from networking with our direct peers and those with different skillsets in the same markets.

We have always placed significant value on PASA guidance, which is well structured and gives considered views from a number of angles.  Importantly, guidance is set at a high enough level that key principles can be adopted by a particular organisation when solving a problem but it also contains specific examples of how solutions might be applied in practice.

Guidance is provided in a timely manner so it can be used to shape service delivery to clients when new legislation is introduced.  Getting an early consensus view from our industry peer group means we can focus on key deliverables from the start and ensure swift and efficient adoption of new or changes to existing processes.”

Pension Administration Business Area at Barnett-Waddingham PASA Corporate Members 19th November 2021

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Heather Suarez