Trustee Checklists


PASA has prepared this checklist for Trustees to evidence and action appropriate levels of governance over their pensions administration service provider, whether in house or provided by an external party.

The checklist is derived from the Governance principles included within the PASA Standards, which PASA accredited members are regularly audited against. This checklist has therefore been developed for Trustees whose administrator has not been accredited by PASA. PASA accredited administrators are assessed against these items as part of their accreditation programme, and in these cases this checklist is superfluous. Where the Trustees are able to answer all points positively, they are demonstrating to their members and to external bodies such as the Pensions Regulator, they are adopting good practice and delivering good governance in relation to administration and record keeping, at a level in line with a PASA accredited administrator. Further details of the PASA Standards can be found in the Standards section of the PASA website.


July 2018 – Trustee Administration Governance Guidance

February 2018 – GMP Trustee Checklist