Benefit Statements (BenStatWG)


Benefit statements are high on the industry agenda at the moment, with a focus on the above two areas – both of which have a high impact on pensions administration. The BenStatWG will develop a PASA view on these issues and ensure both proposals take administration processes and capabilities into consideration.

The purpose of the BenStatWG  is to develop and deliver PASA’s position on the following areas of consultation and debate:

  • The content and delivery of Simpler Statements
  • The introduction of a ‘Statement season’
  • Identify specific legislative, regulatory or process changes required to support the delivery of these statements
  • Create relevant Guidance for Trustees, Administrators and Sponsors
  • Respond to relevant consultations

December 2021 – Statement Season supplementary paper

September 2021 – Initial PASA paper on Statements Season

Working Group announcement press release – August 2021


Girish Menezes (Board Sponsor)

Helen Ball (Chair)

Charlie Bramald

Rosie Kwok

David Rich

Russell Whitmore

Julie Wright