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Press release - PASA publishes cyber security guidance for pension schemes

Thursday, June 6, 2019 - 15:00

PASA today announced the publication of its cyber security guidance for pension schemes. 

The guidance provides practical support for trustees in formulating a robust and effective review of how they safeguard their scheme from cyber security issues. It covers five main sections - Risk Assessment, Governance, Risk Management, Controls and Incident Management.  

Chris Connelly, Chair of PASA’s eAdmin Working Group said: “The lead up to the General Data Protection Regulations, introduced in 2018, saw cyber risk taking a steep hike up the trustee agenda. New technology and innovations present opportunity for increased efficiency, but also mean the potential security risks are growing in volume and sophistication. It’s important for trustees to have a clear view of these potential danger areas and actively reassess them over time. Our guidance has been designed as a practical means to help identify where all risks and responsibilities lie, enabling schemes to put together a robust and effective plan of action to be taken should the worst unfortunately happen.” 

The guide can be found here and is accessible to all.


PASA is grateful to the authors and reviewers of the Guidance and their employers.

Donna McGuire (Author) - SAUL & the PASA Standards Committee

Paul Blackmur (Reviewer) - Pi and the PASA Standards Committee

PASA is also grateful to the organisations shown below, who generously gave time to review and provide technical input to the Guidance:

  • PASA eAdmin Working Group
  • Equiniti
  • Baker & McKenzie LLP