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PR Committee



What we do

The PR Committee sets the promotional strategy for PASA and co-ordinates the activities required to effectively deliver it.  Our key responsibilities are:

  • Developing and maintaining a rolling promotions strategy for PASA, including PASA events and PR
  • Setting and regularly reviewing objectives and budgets for our appointed PR adviser.
  • Working closely with the Industry Policy Committee to ensure PASA’s voice is effectively heard within our industry
  • Co-ordinating PASA spokespeople and supporting all PR activities undertaken on behalf of PASA
  • Maintaining the PASA website
  • Leading PASA social media activities
  • Designing and publishing PASA promotional materials
  • Editing the PASA newsletter


Our principle achievements:

  • 2016 has seen the highest level of press activity since PASA was created – enabling PASA to deliver the message of high-quality pensions administration to the industry.
  • Development of a digital promotions strategy in support of promotional activity and to stay in touch with our members
  • Organised PASA's biggest ever Industry event to launch our first tranche of GMP Guidance

Our current focus and plans for the future:

  • Mainitaining a strong media profile for PASA
  • Developing our 2017 promotions strategy in conjunction with the PASA Board and Industry Policy Committee
  • Supporting #GetInvolvedOctober
  • Planning and organising our next PASA event


Committee members:


Justine Joy (Chair)
Susan McFarlane
Hayley Mudge



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