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Accreditation Committee



What we do

The Accreditation committee plays an important role in overseeing the PASA Accreditation process. The key functions we perform are:

  • Ensuring the integrity of the independent accreditation process
  • Overseeing applications for accreditation and the accreditation process
  • Controlling the relationship with PASA's independent accreditor.

In all these areas the committee is charged with ensuring the accreditation process has due regard to the different types of UK pension scheme.



Our principle achievements and ambitions


  • Our first accredited organisations achieved accredited status in October 2013
  • We engaged with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries around how we designed the accreditation process. In July 2015 they launched their own Quality Assurance Scheme which bears strong similarities to PASA's.
  • TPR is fully on board with the accreditation process.

Our focus for the future is to develop the accreditation process so it can be adapted to different types of administrators.



Lorraine Harper (Chair)
Mike Hitchins
Deborah White
John Burns

Muna Rowe

Sue Doughty


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