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PASA Standards

The Pensions Regulator and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have both identified that good administration can be demonstrated by independent accreditation.

We have worked closely with our members, the pensions industry and leading organisations to build the PASA standards and accreditation framework for the UK administration market.

A Guide to Accreditation

Framework for the Award of PASA Accreditation

1.1 Agreements April 2016

2.1 Reporting April 2016

PASA Stewardship Reporting Guidelines (Premium Content)

2.2 Feedback April 2016

2.3 Error Reporting April 2016

3.1 Operational Procedures April 2016

3.2 BCP April 2016

3.3 Change Control April 2016

3.4 Controls Assurance April 2016

4.1 Data Standards April 2016

5.1 Induction Competency April 2016

5.2 Staff Development April 2016