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PASA believes to enable good quality administration the delivering organisation needs to have its people and operational principles aligned to the same purpose, and work in partnership with trustees and/or sponsoring employers to deliver high quality outcomes to members. The following principles outline how this can be achieved:-


Measure key aspects of the service and report appropriately

Evaluate the quality of service by benchmarking  against PASA standards

Measure the completeness and quality of data

Obtain feedback on the service provided, and act on the information received



Create effective change and development plans so that the service continues to evolve and improve



Identify risks and ensure that controls are appropriate and effective

Communicate transparently and effectively, so that stakeholders can make informed decisions

Provide clear objectives that support high standards of administration

Develop staff so that the service, and people involved in delivery, mutually benefit  



Code of Conduct of Administration Transfers

Code of Conduct - Pensions Liberation

PASA Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct