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Policy & Strategy

The Policy and Strategy Committee is continually reviewing upcoming changes in legislation and practice. From time to time they will publish specific information for members to assist members in addressing these issues for their organisations. Please find links below to these publications.

Policy and Strategy Update (November 2014) - Guidance Guarantee

Policy and Strategy Update (November 2014) - Removal of Triviality for DC Members

Policy and Strategy Update (November 2014) - At Retirement Options

Policy and Strategy Update (November 2014) - Governance Standards

Policy and Strategy Update (November 2014) - DC Charge Transparency

Associated Publications

General Statement of Administration Standards

PASA believes to enable good quality administration the delivering organisation needs to have its people and operational principles aligned to the same purpose, and work in partnership with trustees and/or sponsoring employers to deliver high quality outcomes to members. The following principles outline how this can be achieved:-   Assess Measure key aspects of the service and report appropriately Evaluate the quality of service by benchmarking  against PASA standards Measure the completeness and quality of data

Thu, 01/09/2011 - 21:30

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PASA Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct

As the professional body that creates and promotes pension administration standards, PASA has a duty of care to ensure that its members are professional and ethical.  The interests of pension scheme members, trustees, employers and society in general are best served where the industry exhibits the right behaviours.  With this in mind, PASA has established a Professional and Ethical Code of Conduct (the Code).

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